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Kumamoto Earthquakes

I've been actively watching the situation. I've even fallen behind on the anime that did air since this began.

Kumamoto Castle they estimate will take at least 20 years to completely store it. This is the worse damage it's ever received inn it's 400 years of existence.

They've had a record breaking amount of aftershocks. Last count was 520 as of 11am Sunday Japan Time.
I've been following Hiroshi & weather Mizumoto on twitter. It's nice to have a connection to see how things are going.

On Thursday the 14th they were hit with a 6.5; Friday a 6.3 these are now refered to as a Prelude to the Primary Earthquake which hit Sat 16th at 1:25am a 7.3; followed by two more 5.8s 3:03am & 3:55am.

People fleed their house and were sleeping outside. Just wasn't safe enough inside. One man said his wardrobe had fallen on him and injured his head. Hiroshi mentioned that short furinure is safer. It's true clearly. Hiroshi also mentioned it's not a good idea to have furniture near door ways. His family was blocked in becuase of this.

I also now know how to make a diaper out of a shopping bag and napkin/towel/etc thanks to a drawing.

The Kumamoto airport is set to open on the 19th for arrivals. Cabin cars need tracks to be fixed. That heavy rain wasn't as bad athey thought it might be so that was good. Sleeping in your car is common.

Hiroshi's also mentioned that aftershocks are happening every 10mins over the last 4 days.

Midorikawa Yuki-sensei is okay. She tweeted on the 15th just once to say this:

Natsume even goes to Kumamoto in an episode.

Last stats I have are as follows: As of 11am Monday Japan Time: "42 dead + 1 evac; 10 missing; 1,000+ injured; 110,800 displaced; 35,200 no power; 105,000 no gas; 373,000 no water; 519 aftershocks"

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri didn't air for news coverage. EPisode 2 will air this week.

I don't know if they've figured out where or what the mysterious foam is/was that appeared in Fukuoka yet.

Kumamon is Kumamoto's mascot. Don't think people are mocking those posting pics of him. An asshat on J-list's FB thought this. Threw an insult at me about how I clearly only watch Naruto and SnK. Though I have no idea what the insult was since I don't watch Naruto.... I assume SnK is Shingeki no Kyojin but who can say for sure. Are these two simalar? I dunno.

Anyways.... endd of random entry.
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