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So Steam had Amnesia -memories- on sale for $5 last weekend. I've found that mildly addictive. Slightly scary/traumatizing but fun.

My first Visual Novel. I never did watch the anime for this one though now I kinda want to. I, of  course, tried Kent's pla6y thru first. Managed to get the 'Normal Ending'. I highly doubt I can go back and intentionally get the Bad endings. I just don't think I'll be able to. Kent's voiced by Ishida Akira btw.

What surprised me most after unlocking 'Joker World' to access Ukyo for a romance was that I'd like him so much. Could have been that split personality factor (See: Gundam 00), I've never cared much for his seiyuu: Miyata Kouki. Until now. Ukyo has like 6 or 7 bad ending possibilities! That's crazy!

Biggest let down was Toma (Seiyuu: Hino Satoshi). I had no idea it was never gonna be a happy thing, unless you're into that kind of thing....

Shin's played by Kakihara Tetsuya.

Each play thru takes 4 hrs or so. Ukyo took me 5hrs therew was lots to cover and confusion lol
Of course if you end up on with a bad ending it might take less time.

I think I'll need to do much screens. I did a few for Ukyo's last nite but Kent is just so lovely..... *coughs*

4 main boys: Diamond World (Toma), Clover World (Kent), Spade World (Ikki - Taniyama Kisho), & Heart World (Shin).

My FB comments... well normally I'd get a like or 2 from ShadowTurk but as you may recall he passed away suddenly in late March. It's a bit lonely now.

cut for length i guessCollapse )

I was on aarin and saw a Brothers conflict VN & a Kamigami no Asobi one. Of course these will be in Kanji and extra confusing but I may try out the KnA one... Maybe.
Tags: game: amnesia, seiyuu: hino satoshi, seiyuu: ishida akira, seiyuu: kakihara tetsuya, seiyuu: miyata kouki, seiyuu: taniyama kisho

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