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So Steam had Amnesia -memories- on sale for $5 last weekend. I've found that mildly addictive. Slightly scary/traumatizing but fun.

My first Visual Novel. I never did watch the anime for this one though now I kinda want to. I, of  course, tried Kent's pla6y thru first. Managed to get the 'Normal Ending'. I highly doubt I can go back and intentionally get the Bad endings. I just don't think I'll be able to. Kent's voiced by Ishida Akira btw.

What surprised me most after unlocking 'Joker World' to access Ukyo for a romance was that I'd like him so much. Could have been that split personality factor (See: Gundam 00), I've never cared much for his seiyuu: Miyata Kouki. Until now. Ukyo has like 6 or 7 bad ending possibilities! That's crazy!

Biggest let down was Toma (Seiyuu: Hino Satoshi). I had no idea it was never gonna be a happy thing, unless you're into that kind of thing....

Shin's played by Kakihara Tetsuya.

Each play thru takes 4 hrs or so. Ukyo took me 5hrs therew was lots to cover and confusion lol
Of course if you end up on with a bad ending it might take less time.

I think I'll need to do much screens. I did a few for Ukyo's last nite but Kent is just so lovely..... *coughs*

4 main boys: Diamond World (Toma), Clover World (Kent), Spade World (Ikki - Taniyama Kisho), & Heart World (Shin).

My FB comments... well normally I'd get a like or 2 from ShadowTurk but as you may recall he passed away suddenly in late March. It's a bit lonely now.

April 29th
oooh Amnesia: Memories is like $5 on steam. (-85%)

April 30th - 4:18am
holy maker... note to self next time when getting a visual novel DO NOT start up the path with Ishida Akira cuz here i am at 4am cuz i couldn't stop. I couldn't!! stupid crack voice! 4 hrs to complete his 'good' ending

April 30th - 5:49pm
wah... 4 hrs completed Shin's 'normal' ending. Wonder how you get a good or bad ending? cuz this one seemed to to go south at the end.... Kakihara-san as Shin. So you should i try next? Hino-san? or Taniyama-san? oh the decisions.

April 30th - 8:20pm
gah i don't know where this Toma play thru is going but.... defiantly not in the 'normal' or 'good' categories...
cuz like dog cage
fucking nut
Hino-san is scary!
gods he's so irritating! 'but i really am scared of being hated by you or Shin.' Ok than why am I in a dog cage? asshat
omg i don't understand this guy at all! I'm so NOT happy in this cage!
i get out of that cage and run into the even more ass guy and follow him to shrine? why not.
i totally died. that sucked. Bad ending #1
i'm totally aiming for normal endings....
and bad ending #2 completed. damn....

for this Amnesia VN there's 4 good endings; 4 normal ends; and 9 bad endings. That's far too many bad endings. And they're creepy too!

May 1st - 3:30pm
omg another 'bad' ending wow. this sucks 3 bad endings completed.

May 1st - 3:43pm
and again a bad ending! Damn i thought for sure i'd get a normal one ths time. 4/9 bad endings completed. i suck lol
let me just go back and select that other option. I mean how many times CAN I get a bad ending?

May 1st - 4:39pm
finally! I finally got a 'normal' ending for Ikki! OMG! so annoyingly hard! So how hard will it be to get a 'good' ending, if i can barely get a normal one? s-t-r-e-s-s-f-u-l

May 1st - 6:54pm
so I'm attempting the 'normal' ending for Toma again. I don';t know maybe you have to end up in that bloody cage. I'm just not getting it lol - Visual Novel - Amnesia -memories-
i'm incapable of completing Toma unless it's a bad ending. I submit.

May 2nd - 12:58am
Scored a 'Good' Ending for Ishida- err-- i mean... name is..? for Kent. and now it super late. oops

May 2nd - 1:52pm
ok i found a walk thru to get Toma's 'Good' ending and I'm totally gonna need it. So far no dice.
In the Parameters Toma has this 'Doubt' one, Kent didn't have that. Must be bcuz Toma is a psycho maybe lol

I was on aarin and saw a Brothers conflict VN & a Kamigami no Asobi one. Of course these will be in Kanji and extra confusing but I may try out the KnA one... Maybe.
Tags: game: amnesia, seiyuu: hino satoshi, seiyuu: ishida akira, seiyuu: kakihara tetsuya, seiyuu: miyata kouki, seiyuu: taniyama kisho

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