dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

July anime

Watched and dropped: Hatsukai Monster -- just to bloody stupid for words.

Watched and Keeping (for now):
DAYS!! -- it actually almost made me cry lol
Arslan 2 - As boring as I remembered it. Completely forgot about that crappy computer animation shit they do. Still horrid mixing of the computer and tradition animation.
B-Project - seeems like it could be fun.
Fukigen na Mononokean - i'm a sucker for Kaji Yuki things.
D.Gray-man Hallow - i feel like i needed a recap or refresher. I was so lost. And confused. Sold on Hanae as Lavi and ummm Satou (?) as Kanda. Not sure about Allen. Don't really care about anyone as i can't really remember anything anyway lol Wada-san is doing the music. That was nostalgic.

Endride is my carry over. Masuda Toshiki who plays Emilio is in B-Project as Sekimura Mikado. So that's another chance to hear him more. He was Kurusu in Koutetsujou no Kabaneri. I pity anyone who passed up on that series. Masuda-san will also be in Tsukiuta.

B-Project also has Hanae in it.

SerVamp airs tomorrow. I'm excited. You?
Tags: anime: arslan, anime: d grayman, seiyuu: hanae natsuki, seiyuu: kaji yuki, seiyuu: masuda toshiki

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