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dark-alone [userpic]

ugh sleepy

November 11th, 2016 (09:28 pm)
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but at least it's almost 9pm.

Okay so I've caught up on some of my 'i now own this but haven't view it yet' pile of anime.

I tried to stay up to watch the election of another country.... and wasn't shocked by the out come. Apparently 'the world was shocked' but I wasn't cuz you know, it was obvious. The 2 choices were shit and apparently 49% didn't vote most likely because Sanders dropped out and threw his support at Hillary which of course was a huge mistake.....

I'm barely watching currently airing anime. Except for Sundays lineup of: Gundam Tekketsu no Orphans, Magic-kyun and Touken Ranbu (<-- which is utter nonsense without a plot that i can tell). I'm supposed to be watching Trickster (not too far behind), Natsume Go (skipped the Taki ep cuz blah and haven't tried this week yet), Bungou Stray Dogs (4 or 5 eps behind... cuz WTF? where's my fckn' weretiger?! Mamo-chan blah!), Yuri on ice (Japanese Yuri is annoying and Victor scares me... only like Russian Yuri), and DAYS!! (totally behind on this one).

N7 Day came and bam! they dropped a stellar trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda.

I've watched Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV with Japanese Audio and loved it! Many hated it apparently, but they also watched in English so maybe that's why. Cast includes: Ayano Gou, Fujiwara Keiji, Fujimura Ayumi, Isobe Tsutomu (plays Noctis' papa), Nakamura Yuuichi (Luna's asshole brother), Seki Tomokazu, Yamadera Kôichi, Takagi Wataru, etc. Also the boys at the end after the longass credits: Tatsu-chan, Kakihara Tetsuya, Miyate Kenta, & Mamo-chan.

Got the Blu-ray releases of Code Geass and Escaflowne. Was happy they kept the audio commentaries for Code Geass. I don't need nor want to hear any english ones.

Got Oofuri season 2 just finished watching that one. Gonna try to watch Tokyo Ghoul next. You-kyan to You-kyan... why not? I watched Owari no Seraph... which also has You-kyan.... and then Shirayuki season 1 just to break up the You-kyan stuff before watching Oofuri 2.... I apparently have a problem lol

I watched Star Trek Beyond and loved that too. Apparently people also didn't like that. Cuz asshats.

Picked up The Fray's newest album for 'Changing Tides' making it the first english CD I've gotten mostly all year..... well okay technically Survive Said the Prophet is in 'english' but you know...

There took me 30mins or whatever to type this up.


Posted by: rikugou_mokkun (rikugou_mokkun)
Posted at: November 16th, 2016 03:53 am (UTC)

um yeah, so that would be a rather generalized opinion of what happened in my country and sadly I love my country and it was far far more complicated then that. There were good choices, and there was a very bad choice. But there were also two sides of the country that weren't listening to each other and now we need to figure things out. There are a lot of hurt people and a lot of scared people on both sides for different reasons. It's also interesting how the media outside of the country has portrayed things so differently. I was in Japan watching and also in Alberta and the media was totalllly different from what is going on "inside". anyway that is all I will say, other than please don't believe too many generalized statements. There are people like myself who really care and want things to get better and we are all very worried. :C

Anyway that aside - LOVE the Beauty and the Beast trailer. Can't wait!
moving on.

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