dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Well Hello

So Vampire Diaries is now over. Forever. 2009 - 2017

3 episodes remaining for the Eve Show.... oh sorry, Grimm before it bows out forever as well.

However The Originals returns this Friday in TVD's timeslot which just so happens to be Grimm's timeslot so I'll be watching The Originals and recording Grimm.

On the off chance The Originals gets renewed one of the 3 shows I watch will return next season. Else I'll be watch no TV shows next next. Freedom.


Anime wise just watching Gundam Orphans & Ao no Ex.....

AnE - proving one can in fact follow the manga if even a bit of effort is applied. I skip all the bits with Yukio he's not worth the time. He's more annoying than that idiot girl with the huge boobs That's pretty sad, i know.

Gundam Orphans is that series you should have been watching, but there's no point starting now, since the end is near and breaks are necessary to avoid totally heartbreak overload.
Tags: anime: ao no exorcist, anime: gundam orphans, tv: vampire diaries

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