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Heh. Bought 2 more DVDs. >.> I really hate those "2 for" Deals.  Anyways went for The Fast and the Furious (Vin Diesel), and Fight Club. I've seen and liked, lots, Fast and the furious. Fight Club however, i've never seen. I'm a big fan of Edward Norton, and not so much a fan of Brad Pitt. Loved Pitt in Cool World, and then he started to become too famous, and what not.  I absolutely love American History X. Both Edwards did excellent jobs in that film.
So Vin Diesel movie count is now: 7
The Fast and the Furious, Knockaround Guys, Boiler Room, Pitch Black, Dark Fury, The Chronicles of Riddick, and The Iron Giant... >.> (he voices the Giant XD)

Also finally got a short sleeved work shirt, so on Thursday I can wear that.

And finally, they are in the city.  My Swords and what not are down at the closest Shoppers for me to pick up after paying a $11.97 custom fee.  So expect another entry later.
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