dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

We Made the News Again

London, Ontario

64 year old cab driver Vijay Bhatia was beaten to death by 23 year old Cody Perkin. He was pulled from his cab early Saturday (April 29th about 1am) and attacked in the parking lot of a Mac’s convenience store.

Of course in noraml regular human standard people were watching from the aprtments across the street as Perkin beat Bhatia to death. No one said they called 911.

There are video cams in cabs and apparently you can see the whole thing unfold.

But get this: poor Perkin couldn't go to his court appearance because he's in the hospital.... "has serious heart problems and requires surgery". And yet he was drunk and beat someone to death. Nothing about that screams 'Heart condition'.

Related: 8 of us from work had decided to go to East Side Marios for Joanne and my b-day. One co-worker was going to follow us over there from work. But suddenly wasn't behind us. Later when she finally arrived. joanne was like: 'what happened?' Ilham had a great story.... she was about to follow us when a woman yelled at her saying she had hit her van. Ilham said that she hadn't but this woman wouldn't let up. So Ilham said if something's "broken"  you can tell me about it tomorrow at work. Sincve I work at Hudson's Bay as well. Ilham took a photo  of this woman's van's "damage. She showed that to us. Fred:  'that's stone chips'

We had a good laugh at it. The nerve of some people.

How is this related? The woman? Bhatia was her husband. I don't know her. She works downstairs in Jewerly on the sales floor. I don't even know her name.


They are having a "drop-in" funeral Thursday from 1 - 3 pm.
The London Taxi Association is holding a candlelight vigil from 6 - 8 pm. Drivers will park their taxis at Westmount Shopping Centre and walk with candles to 925 Wonderland Rd. South where Bhatia was killed.

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