2 Minutes

So my Dad  had a heart attack (maybe). He was playing ball hockey with my Brother Jan, Uncle David, Kenny, and Gord on Thursday night (17th) in Palmerston. Jan was on the bench at the time he didn't see him fall, but he did hear him Gasp loudly. My Dad then fell to the ground hitting his head , and cutting it in the process. Blood began pooling out. Jan had to do CPR on him. His heart wasn't beating. For at least 2 minutes. Thankfully Arenas in Ontario are equipped with defibrillators.  Arena management called 911 and EMS arrived quickly.

He was treated at the Palmerston Hospital. They stitched up the cut on his head and decided on sending him to the Hamilton General Hospital via ambulance and not Air. Jan called around 10:22pm to alert us of what happened. He was going home to Cambridge and then to to Hamilton. Mom and I drove to his place and the 3 of us went to Hamilton.  We got there around 2am? maybe.  We got there and Monette (Dad's wife) and her boys: Matt & Dale were there in the Emergency/Urgent Care. We got to go in to see him. Something I'd never want anyone to have to see someone they care about look like. He was hooked up to a ventilator. My Dad was breathing via a machine. I feel like the nurse should have warned us before we went in. I've been pretty lucky to not of had too much tragedy in my life. I've never seen someone hooked up to a machine to breathe before and I hope to never again. 

About 4am-ish a doctor came to talk to us. He talked about the good first: that the scan came back on Dad's head and there was no concussion. And that Palmerston Hospital did an amazing job while he was there. He said that he and his colleagues would be discussing whether to move Dad into the CICU or CCU. He mentioned that Dad was breathing on his own, but that they wanted to keep him hooked up to the machine for now. He's also being sedated. He talked about Aspiration (vomit) in his lungs from the CPR which could lead to pneumonia.  Which would be really not good.

We left the hospital at 7am after waiting 3 hrs for a half-assed update from some random Doctor.  The thing was Monette and co left at the same time as us. My Mom said if she could have stayed longer she would have. She'd never have left Dad's side. My brother went back almost right away. He got there no Monette. 

At 10:30am Jan messaged Mom:  "Dad's now in the cardiac care unit. They are prepping him then I can go in" 

He said that they had to drop Dad's temp a little bit in a cooling bath. Jan also said tomorrow (19th) they are going to trying waking him up a little. 

Jan said that Lois & Gord, Dave & Nancy and Sarah (cousin) & Kenny all came by today.  My Aunt Karen and Uncle George are in Las Vegas right now. I got Jan to message her on FB. Jan said she's not doing well. She's the baby of the family and far from us.

I was reading a bit about Heart Attacks and Cardiac Arrest. So now I see why they didn't want to said it was a Heart Attack for sure yet.  The info also said that with Cardiac Arrest the odds of survival go down 10 percent for each minute the heart is stopped. 

This sucks.


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