Listens: Opera by PHERO☆MEN

Well Hello

Is it 2018 yet? 

Now The Queen wants my soul. A good reason to never get OSAP.

So I've been struggling watching "fluff" anime this season. I've been pretty good keeping up-to-date with Sengoku Night Blood. And Dynamic Chord... which even amazes me (watching Dynamic Chord I mean). Just caught up on TsuPro.  Fallen behind on Kekkai Sensen & Beyond and massively so on Code Realize & Dies Irae. Black Clover I dropped, cuz: IRRITATING. 

Konishi Katsuyuki is in Sengoku Night Blood as Takeda Shingen (Werewolf) and he had a single come out titled: 'VICTORIOUS'


Pretty awesome listen.
Not my rip.


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