His Back Was Sore

Repost from tumblr:

Having one of those week’s were you just can’t believe it’s true. And there’s just nothing you can do. Nothing you can do to make it better.  Helplessness, that’s what this is. 

A friend’s husband had had  a sore back for awhile now. He builds decks; self employed. It started  to get so bad that sitting for more then an hour was too painful. After  some tests they found a tumor on his Esophagus and masses that could  have been cancer on his lung and stomach. The tumor was so big that it  was front to back. After some more tests this week it was revealed that  the cancer had spread to his Spine. Too far advanced to do anything  about it. He was given 3 weeks to 3 months to live. He’s at home with a  morphine bag. I haven’t seen her since they found out. We are collecting  money at work. I was told by 2 managers that my donation was generous,  $50, I told them that this was all I could do for her. I couldn’t take  the pain away or give her anything to make it better, that all I could  do was give her money.  They have 2 kids in their 30s and 3 beautiful Granddaughters.   

I found this out on Thursday. I really don’t know what to do with it. So just dropping it here.


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