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  • Wed, 22:58: They killed Haley. Elijah with a dumb ox look on his face. only person on the show i can stand is Klaus. Guest Caroline.
  • Wed, 22:59: the only good thing out of Haley dying was she took that waste of space Greta with her. #TheOriginals
  • Wed, 23:05: My mom doesn't even wanna watch #TheOriginals anymore bcuz of what they've done to Elijah. I'm only watching Klaus parts.
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    Mon, 06:29: RT @ wyxt_official: キャストの皆さんとのお写真&じゅじゅとーくでもお世話になった榎木淳弥さんとのお写真📷 より一層呪術廻戦が好きになって、初めて見る声優さん達の演技に圧倒され続けた1日でした。 ありがとうございました! #じゅじゅフェス

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    Sat, 22:50: RT @ tgcf_anime: 🦋三郎お誕生日おめでとう🦋 三郎(CV:福山潤さん)&謝憐(CV:神谷浩史さん)のボイス付きお祝い動画を公開!🎉 #三郎 #謝憐 #三郎0610生日快乐 #天官賜福アニメ #天官賜福

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    Mon, 10:46: RT @ hanae0626: おはようございます🌞 https://t.co/lrZIfNh53J

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