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  • Tue, 15:13: RT @livedoornews: 10000RT:【訃報】声優の辻谷耕史さんが脳梗塞で死去 『ガンダムF91』シーブック役で知られる https://t.co/kbdlV5F0IH 他に『ガンダム0080』のバーニィ役や『犬夜叉』の弥勒役など、人気作品の中心的な役を演じてい…
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  • i'm still here

    or so the saying goes. Yesterday the news broke about Kellogg shutting down in the city. It's been here since 1924. By the end of 2014 it will…

  • Dealing with Paradoxes and lack there of

    the "50th" (i mean come on it's not really 50, they weren't on the air for awhile there srsly wtf?) Ani speical of Doctor Who. Damn…

  • kuma

    so i watched kobato. via my NA DVDs. Since i took stay up as late as i wanted last nite I tried to watch all the eps I had left.... with 10mins…

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