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People Suck.

As some know, and some don't, I work at The Bay, a Canadian Department store, owned by Jerry Zucker. Anyways I'm part of the EMC Team (Early Morning Crew), and work with a few not originally from Canada ppl, which is of course totally fine, but I need to explain this for what I want to say.

Anyways there's this one girl, Lina, who came to Canada 2 yrs ago, with her husband, Oscar, and their 2 children, oldest is 11, i think. Maybe 7 & 11. They came from Colombia, so their first language is Spanish. Well they've both been going to school to learn English. Lina works longer hours then me, (7-1, 8-3, 8-12, 8-1) that sort of thing. Oscar works as a pizza delivery guy. Both are not good paying jobs, and both are only part time. So with that being said.... they have a pet cat. Lana, another co-worker who lives really close to Lina, was over at her place on Friday night, and the cat wasn't in good health. He wasn't moving much, eating or anything, so Lana suggested if it wasn't better by Monday they should take it to the vet.  Well I guess they could their kitty to the emergency on Sunday, so she was late for work on Monday, to pick him up.

Vet bill: $1000

Lina was upset on many levels. It was their rent money, of which is almost due. Did the vet take advantage of the fact that her & Oscar don't know English that well yet? Most likely.  They explained to the Vet that either of them had good jobs, and that they would be using their Rent money.  Lana was and still is, very angry about this. She's called the Better Business Bureau, and reported the clinic and the vet. She was looking at the 'bill' it lists that 3 x-rays were done. 3? Only 1 was needed. And when Lana asked Lina if the vet recommended 'putting down'  the pet, they had no idea what she was talking about. Hence proving that nothing was explained to them at all. All the kitty needed was some fluids and he would have been fine. He is fine, btw, since adventually they did give him some fluids.

Things like this make me sick.

On a side note, totally unrelated: I Love You AS & gokumew2, for sharing the new Shounen Onmyouji Character CDs. ^___^

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