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2019 was a pretty shitty year.

A cousin suddenly passed away. A month before his 61st birthday.

My Uncle Ralph lost his battle with Cancer.

Kira Stanley lost her brave battle with DIPG a rare form of Cancer with no cure,  at age 18.  (DIPG: "'terminal on diagnosis', which means there is no cure, no effective treatment and no hope of survival.") She was diagnosed November 2017. Only 10% survive 2 years. On December 24th she told her parents she was 'excited to go'. She passed on Christmas Morning. 

My Uncle David won his battle with Oral Cancer (back of the tongue). A couple weeks ago he returned to work full time. He's never smoked a day in his life. The Doctors told him it was just really bad luck and hit it hard and fast with both chemo and radiation.  It was pretty hard on him.

KyoAni Fire. I'm still not dealing with this to well. Tatsu-chan went thru a rough spell relating to this as well. Since he was friends with one of the victims. 


Attempting to watch some anime. Tried a few: Plunderer, Orphen, ID INVADED and Pet. Oh gods "Pet" has the most awesome-est OP ever! Completely bias opinion from a TK fangirl here. But you've gotta listen to it. The ED is also kinda epic, in a weird I have idea who you are, but damn TK did the music arrangement for your song so that's win, kinda way.

So 2020's music as awesomely starting out.

Also Sawano has a new album coming out in April. As does SSTP this month.


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