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And the fans win...

Seems I never posted about this.  I posted the fact that CBS had canceled Jericho, in this thread.
Well shortly after the announcement,  nutsonline started to notice a large amount of sales being sent to the same locations.  So NUTS for Jericho was set up.  In short  over 20 tons of peanuts were sent to CBS, via the fans of Jericho. (4,779 - orders;     $54,822      40,297 lbs)  For those keeping score that's about 8 million peanuts.

As any Farscape fan knows, if you make enough noise you will be heard. They gave us a Mini-series movie (4 hrs with commericals) for the most expensive tv series to date. <-- could be beat by some show now, dunno.

In Jericho's case, they are offering up 7 episodes, and as a mid-season replacement.  However there are reports of it returning as early as October.  Also to note is the budget has been severely cut, naturally.

Stars who will definately be returning: Skeet Ulrich (Jake Green), Lennie James (Robert Hawkins), Brad Beyer (Stanley) and Alicia Coppola (Mimi). Most likely to reprise: Gail, Bonnie, Gray, Eric, Dale and Skylar.

I taped all the eps from Season 1. Actually I think Jericho was the only new series I decided to watch.  I rarely watch tv.  TV Shows: House, Prison Break, Smallville, & Supernatural. That's all I watch.

Public post because we could use the attention on this matter.
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