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Spending Too Much TIme There Again

What's worse is that i can't do anything at that forum anymore.

Anyways they posted a new team contest. Explained as sorta like contest #11 (the failed FST attempt), but really it's nothing like it. >.<

What is it? Your team must choose an anime to do it for and the following:
Part 1 Designing OST Cover (35 marks)
(800 x 800)
Part 2 Short Poem (15 marks)

Part 3 Track list (25 marks)
- Made up titles, 14-25 track names
Part 4 Fanfic (25 marks)
- half a page - a full one max. Is it just me, or does that seem a little too short?

Okay I don't do fanFics, or poems, and my title making skills suck.  And nobody likes my signatures that I make on that forum... so... should be fun fill hate. Also this was Sini's idea for a contest, so extra dislike, ne?
Winning vote Anime currently: D.Gray-Man, with 3 votes. KoS nominated and voted for Speed Racer. XD

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