So 6 or so days ago the Final Fantasy VII Remake came out. Since I do not have a PS4 I just found clips of the Japanese audio of it on YouTube. And then today the news of Fujiwara Keiji's passing just-- it's just so sad. 

As I hope you know Fujiwara played Reno. 

I mean I had no idea he had Cancer. I have a feeling it was kept close to the family and friends only. 

Kaji Yuki's tweet (thread) made me cry. 

Inoue Kazuhiko seems to be in denial over the whole thing. (like everyone else) tweet

Seki Tomokazu's tweet.

Nakamura Yuichi's tweet.

Tatsu-chan did a blog entry. That he linked to on his twitter.

Ao no Exorcist's anime twitter.


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