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  • Sat, 14:17: RT @DH_official__: 啓治さん…啓治さん… 悲しいよ…会いたいよ…啓治さん… 平川大輔
  • Sat, 14:24: RT @edokko_dey: 藤原啓治さんの訃報に、ただただ言葉がありません。 軽妙な役も重厚な役も幅広くこなし、それら全てが他に類を見ない素晴らしさでした。個性とはこういうものだと、いつもスタジオで、放送で、拝見する度に感じ、自分の不甲斐なさを痛感しておりました。 御冥福…
  • Sun, 10:45: RT @RCMPNS: Gabriel Wortman, suspect in active shooter investigation, is now in custody. More information will be released when available.…
  • Sun, 11:00: I'm seeing a lot of mean tweets towards actors right now. It's not the time to be a bitch. Grow up. Angry about be… https://t.co/odWTmcIJjE
  • Sun, 11:05: I'm also happy I don't live in the US. That I don't have a fckn Orange Clown as my leader. Who quite frankly is cre… https://t.co/XDJOto6CDg
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  • C-Dramas etc

    So I just finished watching "Word of Honor" it's BL that isn't BL cuz of censorship and shit but worth it. 36 eps up to 18 subbed on Youku's Youtube…

  • Kaji Yuki x Sawano Hiroyuki

    Best thing ever! Firstly Guilty Crown turns 10 this year. And "βios" is my favouritest song from the OST. And I honestly thought…

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