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  • Wed, 22:14: RT @LiSA_OLiVE: おはよーっ☀︎ 事務所に沢山年賀状届きましたっ🙆‍♀️ みんなすごいっ!😳 お手紙もいつもたくさん届いてるよ。一枚一枚読ませてもらってます。ありがとう☻みんな幸せになれ〜🌅最近お気に入りの魔法の言葉🧙‍♀️皆が今日を沢山楽しめますように🙆‍♀️…
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    Oh hey (if you can see this over jumbo mamo-chan) anyone watching FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood want to tell me whenever Kimblee appears? I really…

  • WAH!!!

    Yocchin's in the first episode of FMA Brotherhood!@!!!! Perfect. I can see perfectness....

  • FMA 2009 cast

    okay i've seen this all over my f-list already, and i posted about Yocchin on the com. So now i'll repeat everyone else.... Direct C& P from…

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