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I got them done on my teeth, or on what teeth I have still. Another appointment on Friday for 'Bite' <-- no clue. There was so much info to take in that at that point i was really confused. This was at the Denturist's place. Tomorrow after checking my schedule to see when I work, I need to make an appointment at the Dentist's to have my top teeth pulled out, so that on Friday, I can tell them when. Sounds like it's gonna be a lovely experince, that i will have to redo when i get the bottom teeth done. @_@

I Fail.
Forums and I do not mesh. I have a hard time finding ones that I can-- what's the word? Just a place that i fit into.  The first forum like that for me was Otaku-Universe. I loved that place. It died a few years ago, and by died, i mean it. The domain expired! u.u it was tragic! I still got yobo on my DA watch thingy tho. So at least i got someone from there still. Then I stumbled upon... mmm... which came first? aarin or aost? *looks* Aarin... well i'll skip that for now. Animeost.net - I used to enjoy there so much that I had convinced the owner to make me a mod. XD But now 2+ yrs later i'm first off just a little mod with powers in 2 small sections (after some shit went down), and just not feeling the 'love' anymore. So I went into, 'need a replacement forum' mode, and since I've been at aarin since 2005, but never really posted much... (7700 posts at aost. @_@ ) figured time to post some! FAIL. It's all coming back to me now. XD I remember why I only post music and d/l stuff there (with use of the 'thanks' button), I don't mesh well there at all. And I think I angered the Narutard fans w/o wanted too, it wasn't on purpose at all, i was just babbling. <-- that's what gets me in trouble most of the time. Note to self: DO NOT BABBLE. Actually don't post at all, would be best. No I didn't use the term 'Narutard' i'm not stupid. Crazy sure, but not stupid.

Aarin vote plug anyway..  Vote for IasonxRiki here.

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