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The start of my long ass weekend

Excuse me, but when you interviewed me you said part time 3-4 days a week. Okay so what the hell is with only having 2 days this coming week? Time to look for another job it seems. I mean i've got that government loan repayment of almost $500 per month to pay off. >.<

Anyways, I have today (friday) off... and don't have work again till Wednesday. @_@ I only work Wednesday & Thursday next week. Plus on Friday I get my top teeth pulled out. @_@ and dentures 'installed' and pain, i'm sure. So soup it is for me! But only 2 days?! My stock room is going to be overflowing! I usually get tons on Fridays. Well almost any day, except yesterday when I got only one plastic box.

Also Wednesday night when i was doing my last OPAL course (for now) I had to use IE to do it, and the address bar was wierd while it was loading, but afterwards it would change to what it was supposed to be. Anyways screen of it.

At least I found it odd to have gundam in the address bar. I mean sure I didn't want to be doing the damn thing (there was 14 parts to that one, so about 6 mini quizzes), but i swear i wasn't thinking about watching a gundam series. >.>

Baby Shower.
Got the books (used part of the piles of stuff i need to take with me up there) all ready in a mesh bag. Well my mom did that... >.>  Got the 'gift' completely unready and pieces of it are here and there, but I do have the card (unsigned tho)  and the wrapping paper (if it's enough) so that's good. And I swear i've only played / messed with the parts that make up the gift, only a little.

Kenny Loggins - Return to Pooh Corner (MediaFire)
Going to upload this CD out of complete randomness, and the fact it works with the theme of a Baby Shower. It's at 320kps, but still it's quiet. Damn him anyway. But the Winnie the Pooh song is interesting and he does a half decent cover of The Last Unicorn as well.  So like babymagic_1980 you may want to download this. ^^ I'll edit here when it's uploaded.

Ack! Need to go to the Liquor store, I almost completely forgot. XD I was thinking of picking up a couple fireworks, but since actually finding fireworks is an untold chore, i guess not.  Gonna after the denturist's stop by Westmount shopping mall (we always go to Masonville Place, & I work at White Oaks) so i decided on Westmount. ^^

Okay a Do Do / take List:
gift related thingies
.... oh no my brain just blanked out!

um.. noodles, and cup to make them in of supper on Saturday
the gift
the books
swim suit? (need to do prep work then lol)
sunscreen? <-- never remember this one, lol
sandal thingies
hope i get a bed. lol sleeping on the floor will hurt (and not a bed in the same room as my Grandma, she has that dialysis machine for her kidneys, plus the sweet liquid smell)
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