C-Dramas etc

So I just finished watching "Word of Honor" it's BL that isn't BL cuz of censorship and shit but worth it. 36 eps up to 18 subbed on Youku's Youtube channel. 

Word of Honor is based on a web novel by Priest who also did Guardian (my first C-Drama; watched that in 2018)

I have a site that I can download 1080p raws, that's up til 31 right now. Subs are somewhat easy to find as in as along as they can steal them from YT.

George Segal passed away from complications from bypass surgery. What I associate him from are: King Rat (1965) and Just Shoot Me.

Jessica Walter passed away she was the voice of Fran in Dinosaurs. (80s kid)
She was also in an ep of Just Shoot Me and in the series Retired at 35 with Segal. Walter was also in an episode of Babylon 5.

William Shater is now 90 years old and going strong!

I watched Hanyu Yuzuru's Men's Short Program today it was awesome. Plus his costume was shiny.  Ranked first, naturally. He didn't beat his world record however scoring 106.98 (I think his record is 111-ish). Kagiyama Yuma placed 2nd; Nathan Chen (USA) placed 3rd; Uno Shoma placed 6th. I don't know who Kagiyama is but the commentator said it was surprising he placed so high. Or at least I think he said that I couldn't understand his English. XD

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train is being released in June with English Subs, so I pre-ordered that LE from CDJapan.

So far a big year for Music. Survive Said the Prophet, Sawano Hiroyuki, Man With A Mission, Who-ya Extended and OLDCODEX have all released something. All available on Spotify as well. 

Started watching Donghua. Currently watching Thousand Autumns on YT.  Really enjoyed Heaven Official's Blessing. Also watched Scumbag System. 

Started growing my Chinese Music collection. XD

Randomly bought this movie on Amazon called: Jiang Ziya. Made me cry. A lot. Was visually stunning. 


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