Covid Lockdown Birthday #2

Being born on a even 0 makes math easier like in 2020 I turned 40. The big 4-0. However due to covid it was more like a 'whatever 39 and holding?' So here I am on my 41st birthday in Lock-down Ontario with 8 variants flying around and too young to get the vaccine, and not working as my retail (Hudson's Bay) isn't essential... not that I mind time off though. My left thumb's been bothering me like crazy anyway. Left hand tremors are almost everyday these days as well. But being part of a family that just doesn't go to doctors I'm perfectly fine. XD 

In my terms.
My life. 

My Mom's get her 1st shot this Wednesday the 14th. My Dad's getting his on the 27th. Lets get these ppl vaccinated! My Mom's the last of her siblings to get vaccinated. Age gap. Huge one. They're all in their 80s my Mom's gonna be 67 in May. She's also diabetic.  

Getting Japanese food tonight. Requested Steam gift cards. Free time? Gaming is the best answer. XD

Decided to Adopt a Red Fox via the Canadian Wildlife Federation for $45. I got a birthday coupon for $15. Covered the shipping of $13... Canada Post sucks.  Plus it's a donation so I'll get a tax receipt. 


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