Things Unexplained

Last Tuesday the 4th of May my Aunt Donna called an ambulance. She's in the hospital in Guelph. She was diagnosed with pneumonia. A nurse told my Aunt Karen via phone (only my Aunt Lois can visit due to Covid-19 restrictions) that she was doing better yesterday (May 10th) and that she'd be transferred to Palmerston Hospital in a few days.  My Dad said when he talked to her on the phone she told him she wasn't feeling that good.

Today my Aunt Karen posted on our family messenger group: "I guess Donna had a bad night.  So they are going to go in with a camera and check to see if she is bleeding  somewhere." 

My Dad called at 10:51am today to say that Lois called him to ask his opinion on something the Doctor asked her... the DNR question. There's a good possibility she'll end up with brain damage. Defiantly need to be in a Nursing Home either way. I know personally if my quality of life would be greatly effected that I would not want to be resuscitate. I'm also on the donor list.  Apparently my Aunt Donna was being operated on when the Doctor just walked out. But the details are hazy.

My Aunt Karen took Donna to get her Covid-19 shot on April 30th in Drayton and the only thing she complained about was being constipated. She had also complained about that to my Dad. That night she called my Mom and was saying she was worried about being at home alone after getting the shot. She's being living alone since my Uncle Ralph passed away from Cancer on August 15th 2019. That maybe should should stay with Karen. She seemed very worried. Timing and everything. 4 days later she's in the hospital with pneumonia & the possibility of dying or living in a nursing home and needing assistance to live. 

Things Left Unsaid

Haven't seen the Family since Thanksgiving (October, I'm in Canada here) 2020

My Aunt Donna is 68 Years Old. 


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