Firstly an Update on my Aunt Donna. She's still in the Hospital but in one closer to home, Palmerston. Originally she had pneumonia, right? well they found bleeding ulcers and she had surgery to close them up. So she's recovering from that but she now also has a collapsed lung.

So last week I worked 3 shifts (they wanted me to go in on the 15th but I didn't want too, so I didn't). So when asked to either work 18th (Tuesday) and the 19th or the 19th & 20th I picked the later ones. (Later added the 21th) Well on Wednesday we had a meeting where Iuri (Manager) told us we had a confirmed case of Covid in the store and 2 more had been tested one with a headache and one asymptomatic. Due to The Privacy Act they wouldn't say who it was.  Which is stupid cuz there is only a small group of ppl working during the Stay at Home Order since there is no in store shopping. A few ppl went to get tested that night. All negatives. However there is a 7 day period they want you to want til so... anyways moving on.... on Thursday... surprise, another meeting say we had a 2nd positive. J tried to get tested on Wednesday night but they wouldn't test her. Said she wasn't on the short list so they wouldn't test her. BS. I really didn't want to work on Friday but was forced to do it or Saturday. Like fuck man. So on Friday they had 2 more newly back people come in to work on the CIPs (change in price) during this Covid mess. Stupid. Completely stupid to introduce more ppl into this. On Sunday my store GM called to say that we now had 3 positive cases which means an Outbreak was declared and the store has been shutdown for 2 weeks and that anyone who had been in the store within the last 14 days had to go into a 14 day Self-Isolation. So until June 5th. 

Even if you get a Negative Covid test during this time you have to remain in isolation. I was told by the London Health Unit that I was in close contact with a positive case on Saturday the 22nd (I didn't work that day btw) so I should wait til May 29th to get tested (7 days). If there are no symptoms I don't have to get tested if I don't want to. 

I live with my Mom she can still go out for groceries, work,etc 

Ontario's Stay at Home Order ends June 2nd just not for me. Apparently.

The Managers have been saying if your sick stay home. Too bad they didn't take that advice to heart. From process of elimination C figured out the first 2 positives: Ari (who came in with a dry cough) Manager; and K our GM. 

We currently have a GM, 2 Managers and a Manager Lead. My boss the Marketing Manager just went on Maternity leave (she's hopefully tested negative). Iuri has a baby at home so hopefully everything goes okay there to. But what a mess.

Also the fact that K knew there was a possible Positive before I came in (there really is no doubt she knew) she shouldn't have had me go in. Like the fact they called Christina & Ilham in for Friday and didn't even mention to them there had been positive cases. 


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