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By now I'm sure most people have heard about the rumors about Suzuki Tatsuhisa. And I'm sure you have YOUR opinions. You may even be a LiSA fanboy/girl and that's fine. But it's not your business. 

Firstly I don't follow gossip for celebs so their marriage announcement was out of left field at the beginning of 2020.   I was however aware he was struggling after losing a friend in the tragic arson attack on KyoAni in July 2019. "painting of sorrow" is about that loss. I also know that he has a drinking problem and had not been drinking anything with alcohol for a while. But then was suddenly tweeting about drinking whole bottles of liquor. 

He mentions to Hino Satoshi about finishing one bottle so far. 

Mental Health isn't something really supported in Japan. And while I don't condone having an affair I do stand with him. He needs to get help and he needs support. You can't get better while being alone, you need a support team. What you definitely don't need is people telling you to go kill yourself. Clearly an absentee wife wasn't what he needed either. (bias opinion? maybe. but my journal.)

KyoAni has stated that Tatsu will continue to play Makoto in Free! 

OLDCODEX is on hiatus. So their Free! Single release was cancelled. Why? Good question. I know that it had been 100% recorded. AKA all ready to go. 

Tags for Tatsu: #ForceTatsu #YouHaveUsTatsu #LoveAndSupportForTatsu

Also Yorke's twitter: https://twitter.com/mynameisyorke


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