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Happy Friday the 13th everybody!

Maybe it should be Horror movie night or something... but what to watch.......
*throws together a quite quick list of horror movies in her possession*

Devour <-- if you love Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) you may very well enjoy this. ^^
Fear dot com
Freddy vs Jason <-- so cheesey, but like-able
From Dusk til Dawn
Halloween 1-6 (only 5 on DVD tho)
Maximum Overdrive (is this where my truck fear originally came from?)
the Prophecy (i think they call that a horror)
Sleepaway Camp (ah the 80s cult film)
Snow white a tale of terror
Nightmare on Elm street (the first one i think. The one with Johnny Depp in it. XD)

Ju-on 2
One Missed Call
One Missed Call 2
Ringu 2
Suicide Club (? sorta not really a horror per say.. but...)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Child's Play 3
Urban Legend
Final Destination

That's all i can think of.
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