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dark-alone [userpic]

My site

July 21st, 2007 (10:05 am)

mood: annoyed

Decided it was time for a new layout, and not just new pics, but a new design. If anyone has been to my site before they will know that I have many many pages, and when I do a layout change it effects all the pages, hence that means I have to change each page manually. @_@

So I played... with my pen....

And decided to go with this, however my FTP hates me, and updating is so hard, and since it's in PHP, i have to upload it to see if it works right. Which also causes issues due to the massive layout change. Plus new graphics need to be made sporting Abe-kun. I will kill the bio sections of Inu & Bleach... they equal death. I just hit the refresh button by mistake -_-  umm what did i type here...? uh view the test page here: Test! 

So everything between Ake-kun on the right, and the corner header and nave on the left will change from page to page.

The nave on the left & Abe-kun on the right are on a different PHP file so I don't have to edit each page for that, thank god. So for each section that has a sub navigation, that will appear at the top of the page. And for the bio pages, the 3rd nav will be under that. In theory it should work out okay, but be very time consuming.

So on that note.... i'll be here, but not much. XD