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Again Tomorrow? the Fansite

Is now completely (unless something is hiding) sporting the new layout, minus the splash which i just left alone.

There was this one minor (thought major annoyance) coding issue which screwed up all the pages, which had me thinking i'd have to re edit the over 700 pages again.. but i figured out how to fix it this morning by editing just one page.

Yesterday my mom & I went to the Slots at Western Fair. Konami seems to make the cooler slot machines in there. I didn't understand the point system at all. XD But at the .05 machines if you put a $5 in you start with 100 credits. So when I got up to 445 or so (can't remember the number) I cashed out and got $24.50 ^^

So out of (sad, i know) 5 - five dollar bills I only won twice. the $24.50 & a $8.00
My mom didn't win anything.

My Dad got the apartment he wanted in Guelph, so we'll be helping him move in there soonish, but before his girlfriend gets back from Vancouver. Why she had to come back already is beyond me. Not to sound selfish here... but.. this may ruin the changes of me going to the Fan Expo, if so there will be hell to pay! I swear it!  On the Fan Expo topic, i must get some black felt so i can attempt to make some chibi black wings
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