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OMG fangirl post

I know there are a lot of ppl who don't like the Death Note movies, but i'm not one of them. I simply adore them! ^^ And yes, not liking L the character much, simply because he's on the other side of Light (yes it's spelled that way get with it ppl).  But... but...

Taken from ann.com:

The official website for the spinoff L movie, which focuses on the title detective from the Death Note live-action suspense movies, has announced the February 9, 2008 opening date in Japan. The website has also posted the second teaser trailer, which the distributor Warner Brothers commissioned to screen before Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix in Japan. Source: Ultimatum. Update: Official website linked.

Live Action L... intrigues me.  Matsuyama Ken'ichi . Dare I say it? He's so cute to watch! ^^

oh my... here's some Fujiwara Tatsuya luv! <-- seen 4 movies with him in them. 2 - Death Note; 2 - Battle Royale. ^_^

"L" is the working title btw, it could change.

This reminds me i need to see the 2nd movie with english subs still.
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