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dark-alone [userpic]

just got this MP3 request via my site...

August 2nd, 2007 (07:09 am)

mood: for crying out loud

It starts off well....

Hi! :-)

I was wondering if I could get some MP3's from you... Now, when you scroll down my list, it will seem like a lot, and I understand if you can't upload all of those for me. I did read the rules, but I am really desperate for these songs. :-( So, if you would like, could you please at least upload a couple of them if you don't wish to do all of them? Like I said, I desperately would love to have these songs; they've been hard to track down.
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Singles\Just One More Kiss (single)\01 Just One More Kiss (singles versi.mp3

\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Singles\Kyokutô yori ai o komete (single)\01 Kyokutô yori ai o komete (singles.mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Singles\Kyokutô yori ai o komete (single)\02 Ôkoku Kingdom Come ~moon set~.mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\Sweet Strange Live\08 Chaos ~kirameki no naka de~ (Live.mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\Sweet Strange Live\09 My Fuckin' Valentine (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\Sweet Strange Live\10 Lizard skin no shôjo (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\Sweet Strange Live\11 Muchi no namida (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\Sweet Strange Live\12 Mienai mono o miyô to suru gokai.mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\Sweet Strange Live\13 Kimi ga shindara (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\01 Thing III (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\02 Glamorous (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\03 Uta (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\04 Check Up (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\05 Sapphire (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\06 Down (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\07 Asylum Garden (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\08 Chaos ~kirameki no naka de~ (Live.mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\09 Miu (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\10 Cyborg Dolly_ Sora-mimi_ Phantom.mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\11 Death Wish (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\12 Cain (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\13 Megami (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\14 Flame (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\15 Bran-New Lover (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\16 Baby, I Want You (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\17 Rhapsody (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\18 Dress (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\19 Idol (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\20 Ash-ra (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\One Life, One Death Cut Up\21 Physical Neurose (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\Akuma to Freud -Devil and Freud- Climax\01 calm and resonance.mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\At the Night Side\08 Kirameki no naka de (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\At the Night Side\09 Mienai mono o miyô to suru gokai.mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\At the Night Side\17 Sid Vicious on the Beach (Live).mp3
\Music\J-Pop\BUCK-TICK\Albums\At the Night Side\18 Cyborg Dolly_ Sora-mimi_ Phantom.mp3
Well, thanks a bunch in advance! (Maybe. :-D Hee hee.)

So maybe when i get home i'll think about doing this... I mean this is why i say on my site to request 2 or 3 songs max. >.<


Posted by: キャラ エンスイ (kyraensui)
Posted at: August 2nd, 2007 06:35 pm (UTC)
Hidaka Ken // Gotta be Kidding?

*blinks* Can this person even buy the cds or even find them on torrent sites?

>.> This person is not really reading the rules clearly.....

Posted by: dark-alone (dark_alone)
Posted at: August 2nd, 2007 06:56 pm (UTC)

i get the odd ppl at my site, but I figure if i can deliver, than i should so maybe they come by again.

I got most of my buck-tick music from one torrent. XD
But I do understand (and know) that some ppl cannot use bit torrent. I should prolly be uploading right now, but I wonder about the power right now. It's so hot and it is thundering outside. >.>

Also the last request i got was for 21 songs, but i didn't really mind since she request seiyuu ones, and offered to give me some in return. ^^

Posted by: 冨田 Kåᆩôà (duzie_ou)
Posted at: August 3rd, 2007 08:30 pm (UTC)

Wow! That's a long list! I wish I could help you but I already took a look at my collection of songs and even asked a few friends if the had any of the songs but they didn't. I guess that would mean that their really hard to find. Well I wish you luck anyways! (and if I by some miracle come upon any of them, I'll be sure to let ya know.)

Posted by: dark-alone (dark_alone)
Posted at: August 3rd, 2007 09:03 pm (UTC)

oh, i don't need them. it was a request from a visitor on my website.
Got it all uploaded yesterday, luckily. ^^

Posted by: 冨田 Kåᆩôà (duzie_ou)
Posted at: August 3rd, 2007 09:09 pm (UTC)
C.C style

oh~ *feels a little stupid* I see. I guess it's all good than!!^^-

Posted by: dark-alone (dark_alone)
Posted at: August 3rd, 2007 10:18 pm (UTC)

don't worry.
I can see how that could have been confusing.

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