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I need to make some more icons...

It's been a looooonnnnng time since i made a batch of icons. I think i'm over do. However just like yesterday my attention is fully (well as fully as possible) on my costume. So please pray with me that it doesn't rain on the 25th in Toronto, or here in London for that matter. I'm glue things now, aka water & tacky glue = bad bad hellish fall apartness. However the wings (if nothing tragic happens) are done!  I'll try to post pictures and babble later. Currently gluing (glue + ing) a white trim around the bottom of the sleeves on the shirt. Still trying to get less glue on my hands, and more on the material, while clamping it with Bulldog clips until the glue dries, and then moving on to the next 2 inches. Got a Fan Expo 'booklet' in the mail today. It was folded in the box upside down so that the back cover was face up, so I assumed it was that 'feature' magazine that we get with our cable.  Why? Because it was sporting a movie ad. Which movie? The Bollywood remake of their own (yeah, i was surprised too. Seems they are remaking their own horrors now) classic horror flick: Halloween.

Don't get me wrong I love Malcolm McDowell, but as Dr. Loomis? Excuse me? Directed by Rob Zombie. @_@
Who's playing the heroine & sister of Michael Myers, Laurie Strode? Scout Taylor-Compton.  Who?
Next up, Michael Myers, aka  The Shape.. with William Shatner's head... (The mask is i believe the mask made for shatner's TJ Hooker character for halloween the holiday, not movie XD ) Ready?  It's Sabretooth, Tyler Mane.

My god, is nothing sacred?! In a possible weird twist of whatever, Danielle Harris, the girl who played little Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4 & 5, appears in this remake as Annie Brackett, the Sheriff's daughter. 

Next time grab someone else's favourite horror series and trash it, you stupid fucking idiot, Rob Zombie. >.<

*vexed & annoyed to no end about this*
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