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I was super tired this morning. x_x
Had to get up for work at 6am, went to bed at 2am, no idea the time upon which i actually fell asleep. At least I didn't dream. I'm pretty restless if i do happen to dream, since normally I don't dream.  But anyways... truly didn't want to get up, but got my ass to work (need money!!!)

At work.
The escalator still is down, so that mean walking up and down the one side. It's been like 5 weeks now, so WTH? Next full ass stock room. Sushi was helping me out too, and yesterday, I didn't work, but she unpacked 2 flat carts of crap. I mean who the hell keeps sending all this crap, when we don't have enough room for it.  Got some  House & Home  vases, i guess that's what you call them. 6 in total. 3 arrived alive, 3 didn't. I cut myself on one of them. @_@ <-- that's #1 I'm not gonna count the numberous times the shower curtain packages scratched me as i squeezed by them many times, while carrying sheets that i could actually put out.

Break Time.
This is gross. We always go out to the food court at break. Makes sense, since you can grab something to eat, or drink. However while we were out there (5 of us), not at the garbage closest to us, but close enough this chick throws up into it. @_@ Man that makes you wanna eat. Took my 15 mins (turned into 25 mins *coughs*)

Then fought with pillows for the reminder of my shift.

Outside with da sketchbook
Okay I took my sketchbook with me today, since i don't do much drawing anymore, and i enjoy it. I had the book and pencil case in this black cotton bag, also my jacket (cuz i was cold this morning), my buffy purse and water bottle. Everything was good, and then this wind came from nowhere and make the page turn up and i was using a ink pen so... u_u Just a few llight black lines, but enough to annoy me forever, at least not on his face. Then a bit later I saw my ride coming... I did up my purse (thank god), oh i was sitting up high so i needed to jump down to get to the ground, but today for some odd reason I thought i could just touch the steps with my foot and ease off.... WRONG! My other foot got caught on, not just one, but both the purse and bag's straps, which made them drop to the ground. And there was this guy there too. How embrassing. Also as I was trying to pick all my crap up with speed, to hop into the car before doing anything else stupid, I missed the last step on the stairs and almost fell! Then i just scooped everything up and hopped into the car. <-- that's #2

I wonder what #3 will be?

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