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So as the Hurricane, currently a Category 4, makes it's way past each member of the Caribbean family one by one, it's approaching the Cayman Islands, at which point they expect it to be upgraded to a Category 5.  I'm not one for knowing much about the 'Category' system, however those on Grand Cayman (one of 3 of the Cayman Islands) they are taking this very seriously. As they should since Dean is expected to be more devastating than Ivan was in 2004. <-- thank for sharing that info Tammi. >.<

Why do I care enough to post something? Received this email from my sister-in-law less then an hour ago:

Hi Everyone,
I've sent this e-mail to everyone on my list, so if you don't know me well at all you can disregard. I didn't have time to pick and choose e-mail addresses.
Hope all is well with everyone. As you may or may not know, Hurricane Dean is forecasted to hit the Cayman Islands on Monday morning. Conditions are expected to deteriorate in the Cayman Islands from tomorrow night. It is expected to hit Cayman as a very strong Category 4 or a Category 5. Currently it is almost a Category 5. As a result, I just wanted to let you know that I am flying out with Leila tonight to stay with my aunts in Florida. I was not going to leave, but a Guardian Angel who insisted on looking out for my child did everything she could to get me 2 plane tickets. I guess I was meant to go and I am so grateful to her. Jan will stay in Grand Cayman with our cat Macgyver in my parents house. We are currently securing our house as best we can as we are in a very flood prone area. The hurricane is expected to do perhaps as much damage as Hurricane Ivan in 2004, and that is why we made the decision to take the plane seats and get Leila out. Grand Cayman is extremely flat and small, and storm surge is a very serious and dangerous issue here.
Please do not worry though, just pray for everyone's safety. Everyone in Cayman has learnt their lesson from Ivan and is taking Hurricane Dean extremely seriously.
You can reach me by e-mail, or call my cell ********* for information on my family if wanted.
Stay safe everyone,
Tammi xoxo

I don't think if i was married, I could just leave my husband behind, and on top of that my cat & parents. I don't care how much justifing you do, 'oh but it's for my child! blah blah blah' Who cares? She's your family right? Well so are the ones you are leaving behind. My cousin Perry is also on that island.  My brother called a few days ago, freaking out about it. He's never been throw anything like this before. Here in Canada, our big thing is snowstorms from hell, not Hurricanes. We do get tornadoes, but he's never seen one. My mom was hoping they'd stay at Tammi's parents house, since it survived Ivan in 2004, so at least that is something. I kinda hope Perry goes over there too.

So is now the time to start to worry? I mean i was pretty damn concerned for Sarah, Tammi's sister when Ivan hit Grenada, and then those prisoners were free running around with messiades (sword things, can't spell it), and bodies wash up from graves were floating by. @_@
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