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Okay so.. yeah the phone rang a bit ago, but i didn't notice... -_-''

Anyway it was Tammi, she and Leila are now in Florida at her Aunt Annie's place. This explains the WTF at the area code on the phone. They've got the house boarded up as best as possible, and as much as possible taken from the main floor up to the 2nd floor since they are in an easily flooded area. Freddie & Helen have there house all boarded up as well. When Hurricane Ivan hit in 2004, their house was one of few that the roof wasn't torn off of, so this is good. Perhaps a 'lucky house' dare I say. Plus they've been through this kind of thing before so that's good for Jan, who hasn't.  They expect to lose power at around 6pm tonight. At which point news will be lacking, as we all just get left to wait and hear.

My mom's away visiting her brother right now, i'll have to get her to call Tammi when she returns. Tammi's the type to freak out easily, and she didn't sound that great on the phone so, yeah.

Wonder if i'll sleep good tonight?
*trying to stay calm as time nears the time Dead is due to hit *
I mean it's going to go directly over Grand Cayman. @_@ Like don't they tell you during as least a tornado to get into your basement if you have one, but this is an island with great chance of flooding, so wouldn't being in a basement be a really bad idea? *dizzy*
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