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Dean skimmed them, and nothing big happened.

I wanna post DMC OST, but it's not d/led yet, so maybe later.

Baccano! OP & ED Singles

[Nipponsei] Baccano! OP Single - Gun's & Roses [Paradise Lunch]
[Nipponsei] Baccano! OP Single - Gun's & Roses [Paradise Lunch].zip

[Nipponsei] Baccano! ED Single - Calling [Oda Kaori]
[Nipponsei] Baccano! ED Single - Calling [Oda Kaori].zip

Not sure why I found myself looking up Death Note on wiki, but i did. And then noticed a few familiar names for the english cast. So I poped on over to ann.com.

Brad Swaile as Light
Brian Drummond as Ryuk

You know what this means? No i don't know who that person playing L is. It means The Ocean Group is subbing it. And oddly YTV (canadian channel) seems to be going to air it. @_@ No i'm not gonna watch it. But yays for The Ocean Group. I dropped the series. But if I happened upon it on YTV, and heard Brian's voice I sit there and listen. XD Oh wait, I DO know who Alessandro Juliani  is. (imdb) It hard to avoid seeing them in stuff when they reside in Vancouver. XD
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