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2 meme

Snagged from drug_holic1. Shuffle your iPod/MP3 player/iTunes/Whatever else you have.
2. Answer the questions by the song title that comes up.
3. Don't cheat, it makes everything more fun!

[01] What is your life going to be like in five years?
SONG: .Was It a Dream? by 30 seconds to mars
COMMENTS: .hmmm... nice start... >.>
Your reflection I've erased
Like a thousand burned out yesterdays
Believe me when I say goodbye forever
Is for good
Was it a dream? (link)

[02] How is your love life going for you right now?
SONG: Nagomi - Shounen Onmyouji - Character Song ''Fuuga ni Hibiku Uta wo Kike'' Fuyu
COMMENTS: hmm.... instrumental

[03] What pisses you off the most about the opposite sex?
SONG: Fear by Evans Blue
COMMENTS: hmmm....
All the fear and all the cares of the world
Never forced themselves into my arms
It was your fear that helped me
Your fear that got me to move
Straight from your heart into their sight (link)

[04] What do your parents really think of you?
SONG: INNOCENT SORROW by abingdon boys school
COMMENTS: .. umm... alright...

[05] What do you think about the world and its current state?
SONG: Battle 5 - Masami Ueda (Devil May Cry VG OST)
COMMENTS: How fitting... battle... hmm...

[06] What is the worst thing that's ever happened to you?
SONG: Sanctuary - Kekkaishi OST
COMMENTS: damn these instrumentals! But at least it's fitting for the theme

[07] What are your grades in school like?
SONG: W-BREEZE by Itou Kentarou & Morita Masakazu
COMMENTS: <333 however I never had that good of grades in school... peaked in college for some courses tho.

[08] What is your main goal in life?
SONG: HOWLING [live] by abingdon boys school
COMMENTS: This is bad isn't it? XD
Soul will rise. Close your eyes.
Downfallen, fallen , fallen.
Cold inside.
Just howling in the shadows.

[09] What do the boys at your school think of your looks?
SONG: This Love - Angela Aki (Blood+)
COMMENTS: err....

[10] What do you really want in life?
SONG: .Fuuin - tactics Sound File vol. 1
COMMENTS: a sad conflict? wth? lol

[11] How are you going to get far in life?
SONG: Get away from here by Shinya feat. Tarantula (From Hi-Timez) (Kekkaishi)
COMMENTS: Looks good?

[12] What do you say when you're in a bad mood?
SONG: Given Up by Linkin Park
COMMENTS: at least there is swearing in the song. XD Plus it's so catchy. And and he says 'what the fuck'
I've given up...
I'm sick of feeling
Is there nothing you can say?
Take this all away
I'm suffocating!
Tell me what the fuck is wrong with me!

[13] What about when you are really happy?
SONG: Nephilim [live] by abingdon boys school
COMMENTS: boy a.b.s. popular...  *coughs*
Hanatareta tsubasa ga negai wo makichirashite
Konoyo no hate otoshita inori no sora e to

[14] What do think of yourself in general?
SONG:  Blown by the wind by Yoshino Hiroyuki (Kiba OST 2)
COMMENTS: Yocchin! Yocchin! <3

[15] What is your life's theme song?
SONG: Transformers Theme by Black Lab
COMMENTS: ah geez... But it's a lovely cool sound cover anyway. XD

[16] What are you going to do this weekend?
SONG: 37mm by AFI
Do you fall too? (Everytime that I)
Yes I fall. (Everytime that I)
Do you want to, (Try to pacify)
Fall into me? (Fall into me, fall into me)
Into me.

[17] How can you try and make yourself happy?
SONG: Someday by JINN
COMMENTS: somewhat fitting? maybe
Itsuka, taiyou ga kimi wo terasu darou.
Ima, kono basho wo hanazono ni kaeyou.

[18] What song will they play at your wedding?
SONG: Stay With You by the Goo Goo Dolls
COMMENTS: .... freaky.. i need to work on my signature based on this song today.. <-- OT XD
I'll stay with you
The walls will fall before we do
Take my hand now
We'll run forever
I can feel the storm inside you
I'll stay with you

[19] What about your funeral?
SONG: The Killing Lights by AFI
Am I beautiful?
Am I usable?
It's killing time again.
Put on your face and let's pretend,
These killing lights won't kill us all again.

[20] What or who makes you the most happy?
SONG: Sorrow in the box by ACID
I have yet to find any ACID lyrics

[21] What am I even doing on this Earth?
SONG: Kageri no Fuuin by Ishida Akira

[22] How am I going to die?
SONG: .Precious Day by ACID

[23] What is some good advice?
SONG: A Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Mars
COMMENTS: somewhat fitting, ne?
Lie awake in bed at night
And think about your life
Do you want to be different?
Try to let go of the truth
The battles of your youth
'Cause this is just a game

It's a beautiful lie
It's the perfect denial
Such a beautiful lie to believe in
So beautiful, beautiful it makes me

[24] What's some advice you'd never take?
SONG:  Dark That Follows - Evans Blue
COMMENTS: .<333 Evans Blue
There's just so many ways you never needed to be.
Like I'm some empty space that never leaves your side.
Now wipe that stupid look off of your face.
You're not the finest one, you're not the only one.
You're just a disease that stains her lips tonight.
You are the disease that's in my life.

[25] Will you ever have children?
SONG: Leave Out All the Rest by Linkin Park
COMMENTS: i hope not. XD
When my time comes
Forget the wrong that I've done
Help me leave behind some
Reasons to be missed

And don't resent me
And when you're feeling empty
Keep me in your memory

Leave out all the rest
Leave out all the rest

[26] What is high school like for you or what was it like?
SONG: Attack by 30 Seconds to Mars
COMMENTS: i survived, that's all that matters.
I won't suffer, be broken, get tired, or wasted
Surrender to nothing, or give up what I
Started and stopped it, from end to beginning
A new day is coming, and I am finally free

[27] How are you feeling today?
SONG: Umashi Miyako by Seki Toshihiko
COMMENTS: i'm feeling drained and fluffy... <-- random word. Plus SekiToshi <333

[28] What's your general outlook on life?
SONG: Shine Your Cadillac by Evans Blue
COMMENTS: Life is just there.
To the world I know

So raise your chin
And raise a glass
Say here's to winning this again and again
Say I don't care what it costs
Is this the wealth that sells the skin
I faced more lanes
We lose again and again
Say I don't care what it costs

[29] What are your last words going to be?
SONG: angel gate by FictionJunction YUUKA
COMMENTS: Depressing it would seem.
my angel gate
will open for me
The key is in my own hands
I’d like to think that being here
is true happiness
As the daybreak approaches
I once again believe that
tomorrow I will hold you in my arms
my angel gate
open for me
become my light

[30] What song is going to be stuck in your head all day?
SONG: Sha la la -Ayakashi NIGHT- by Uura Saeka
COMMENTS: gawd of all the songs. x_x this one will be stuck in my head. @_@
Sha la la...
yabai mori ni sasoware koyoi mo SHOWTIME (ayakashi NIGHT)
chikara makase ni dare ga abare houdai (yofukashi de FIGHT)
tamerai nante fuki tobashite
tachi mukaerukai? YEAH
kimi wo mamoru (dou natte mo ii)
kimi wo mamoru sore dake (soredake de ii)
namida wo nagasu dake no mainichi ni BYE BYE

Sha la la...
todoketai kotoba nara mune no naka ni aru (naisho no ROMANCE)
kiete hoshikunai hito nara me no mae ni iru (fushigi na DISTANCE)
dareka ga kizutsuku no bakkari mou michairarenai YEAH
I wanna be your Knight (tsuyoku naritai)
I wanna be your Light imayori (imayori motto)
itsuka kimi to kawasou hyaku PERCENT no SMILE

It's the sha la la part. Gets me every every every time! XD

Snagged from [info]drug_holic

Put an X in the brackets if the statement fits you.
Add up all X's after each section.
Add up all X's after the whole meme.
That's your marriage age. D8

How old are you going to be when you get married?

Put an X in every box that applies to you.

[ ] You know how to make a pot of coffee
[ ] You keep track of dates using a calender
[ ] You own more than one credit card
[ ] You know how to change the oil in a car
[X] You do your own laundry
[ ] You vote every election
[ ] You can cook for yourself
[ ] You think politics are exciting
[ ] Your parents have better things to say than your friends

Total: 1

[X] You show up for school/college/work every day early
[X] You always carry a pen in your pocket/purse <-- because I carry a sketchbook always
[ ] You've never gotten a detention
[ ] You have never smoked a cigarette
[ ] You have never gotten completely trashed
[ ] You have forgotten your own birthday at least once
[X] You like to take walks by yourself
[X] You've watched talk shows
[X] You know what 'credibility' means without looking it up
[ ] You drink coffee at least once a week

Total: 5

[X] You know how to do the dishes
[X] You can count to 10 in another language
[ ] When you say you're going to do something you do it
[X] My parents trust me
[X] You can mow the lawn
[X] You can make adults laugh without being stupid
[ ] You remember to water the plants
[X] You study when you have to
[X] You pay attention at school/college
[X] You remember to feed your pets

Total: 8

[X] You can spell 'experience' without looking it up
[ ] You work out on a regular basis
[X] You clean up your own mess
[ ] The people at Starbucks know you by name
[ ] Your favorite kind of food is take out
[X] You have gained weight since middle/high school
[ ] The first thing you do when you wake up is get caffeine
[X] You can go to the store without getting something you don't need
[ ] You understand political jokes the first time they are said
[ ] You can type quickly

Total: 4

[X] You have realized that the weather forecast changes every hour
[ ] Your only friends are from your place of employment
[ ] You have been to a tupperware party
[ ] You have realized that no one will take you seriously unless you are over the age of 25 and have a job
[ ] You have more bills than you can pay
[ ] Most of all your friends are older than you are
[X] You can say no to staying out all night
[X] You use the internet every day
[X] Your wardrobe hasn't changed in a while
[ ] You can read a book and actually finish it

Total: 4

total...22...? hmm...  i missed my own wedding! XD

Start time of these 2 memes: 11:16am. It is now 12:52pm. @_@
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