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2 days...

wow i went 2 days w/o posting here. @_@ In a word: weird.

I watched (by watched I sorta mean i skipped a bunch of parts so i could speed watch 13 eps in the least amount of time as possible) Kemonozume today. I've had it sitting on Guren for awhile now.  First impressions? WTF? what's with the animation? So after getting over that 'shock' and getting over the fact Kazuma (Yocchin's character) wasn't as cute as he should have been, and then those 'humans' that were really 'Flesh Eaters' (monsters that eat humans, while blending in as humans, only to show their true colours when they decide to eat someone), and the kitsu... something 'group' that runs around killing the flesh eaters (insert Kazuma here), and the old guy who runs it, being Toshiko & Kazuma's father, who also happens to be sporting mechanical arms.... Oh my.. this is sorta spoilerish, isn't it?

but but!! i never seen a show where my Yocchin was a freakin' creepy monster!  It sorta reminded me of 'I wish you were here' where if i can remember, there was a 'virus' that was turning the humans into monsters. But back to Kemonozume. Poor Kazuma, after trying so hard to impress his father who seemingly thought not much of him, who later was killed, and then Kazuma finding out he too was a flesh eater. (daddy was his dad, but his mother was a flesh-eater). And then there was at the begining this new breed of Flesh-Eaters who after they were killed in Flesh-Eater mode would return to Human form. Why? Because they were originally human, but were fed these drugs which, unknown to them, caused them to change. Poor Kazuma  died! And then I didn't want to watch it anymore! XD I mean i was barely watching it to begin with. Geez the things i'll do for Yocchin.
This one line pretty muchily has done it in for me... "I... ate Knife." <--Knife was one of the characters, and i believe a good friend of Kazuma's *shivers* and then he like throws up one of Knife's fingers. @_@ and he has Kinfe's blood on his heads. I was COMPLETELY disturbed while watching that part.

Fan Expo 07 - Toronto - Saturday.
My that was a really really really long line to get tickets, also very very very confusing on locating the end of it. After about 10 mins the at least 10 of us confused figured it out and stood in a line. Later staff decided to show up and help keep the line, a line, and not a mess. About 2hrs there. I was really unimpressed, I had told my dad i wanted to be there early, and by early i was thinking 10am would have been nice. He plotted for 10mins early, and due to toronto (not exactly in toronto but whatever) traffic we were late. >.< like 11:15am.  So by the time we finally got into the damn thing i was tired and annoyed. >.<  And then guess what? most of the merch (like 2/3 of it) was Death Note crap. Unimpressed. The anime box sets and single DVDs were more money then i'd pay at Neo Tokyo. >.< Actually some of the stuff wal-mart sports for cheaper.  So I bought only 2 plushies and a yaoi manga.

Yaoi manga - Hero Heel vol 1 (cuz it's available and i like to buy whatever manga a get scans for)

Cloud from AC - should go nicely with my Cloud from FFVII

And then I played 'Which one is Hikaru?' game. XD It was 2 - 2 XD
So I just went with the one that looked more evil. I don't even wanna know if I got the wrong one. Sometimes it's best not to know. XD

Then after seeing mostly comicbooks, we fled off to kikiwai in chinatown. man was it humid! And i was walking around dressed as Dark! hoping it wouldn't rain. got 3 magazines, and 3 other things there. XD I bought more at that store then at the con. I didn't even pick up any posters. It wasn't the greatest con for anime things.

EDIT: add a few small sickening details to the lj cut @ 11:34pm
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