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oh my Kekkaishi Spoilers

I watched the RAW SP eps 36 - 37

Character Death! I hate character deaths! WHY?!?!

Okay so I have had 2 favourite characters. One of them died at the end of ep 37. ANN.com is now listing the episode title (maybe they were before, i don't know, but the title is spoiler filled)

Shishio saigo no tatakai (Shishio's Last Battle)  T_T

And then there was one... My poor poor Gen-kun!
Miyashita Eiji (Gen) will be in Dragonaut - The Resonance this fall as Amagi Keiichi

Yoshimori started to cry, and then i started to cry more, it was all really really sad and trauma filled. T_T
I wish i understood Japanese more then the commonly used words. Also that the subs were up-to-date.

Gen was so cool and everything. The 3 of them worked so well together!

Maybe I'll post some pics later... maybe.

Made an icon...

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